4 Factors Affecting Roof Repair Costs

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Roof Repair — St. Marengo, IL — Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.Your roof can sustain damage due to several reasons, including extreme weather conditions and natural wear and tear. A damaged roof requires immediate repair. Otherwise, the problem may go too far, forcing you to replace the entire roof, which can be expensive.

Roof repair costs vary depending on several factors. This article highlights four factors affecting your roof repair costs.

1. Roof Type

Several materials are used in roofing, including clay tiles, slate, asphalt, and wood shingles. Each roofing material has a different price ranging from modest to expensive. For instance, slate shingles are expensive compared to asphalt shingles. Therefore, if you repair a roof with slate shingles, you are likely to spend more money.

A steep roof is also likely to cost you a lot of money with roof design. Such roofs can be difficult to repair, forcing the workers to use more time. The more time workers spend repairing your roof, the higher the labor cost.

Additionally, steep roofs are riskier to work on. For this reason, contractors have to bring extra safety equipment like rope protectors and safety helmets, and they may charge you for it.

2. Repair Scope

Size is one of the major factors affecting the price of any task. Before a contractor repairs your roof, they first have to assess your roof and determine the size of the area that needs repair.

Typically, roofers calculate the cost while considering the materials necessary to complete the task and labor. If the area that needs repair is big, you will need more roofing materials. Additionally, the workers may request higher pay, increasing your repair cost.

To avoid wasting your money, ask your contractor to give you the total budget for the project and compare it with the price of replacing the entire roof. If the difference is insignificant, consider roof replacement since a new roof may save you some money in the long run.

3. Level of Water Damage

Water damage is one of the main things that most homeowners have to deal with. However, telling whether your roof is affected by water damage can be difficult since the signs take longer to show. Therefore, your contractor may give you a quote for the roof repair, but when they start the work, they may find water damage that they did not account for.

Minor damage costs less and may not significantly affect the repair cost. If the damage has gone too far, you may spend a lot of money.

Nevertheless, the repair is essential since severe water damage can affect your home’s structure, jeopardizing your safety and that of your family members. Water damage can also cause mold growth. Excessive mold growth in your home can damage your property or cause health issues, especially for people with allergic reactions.

4. Roofing Repair Permit

Some local governments may require you to get a roofing repair permit before contractors start working on your roof. A permit is essential since it ensures that the local inspectors come to your home to assess if the roof complies with all the local government codes, helping you to avoid issues later. Moreover, the inspectors will check whether the contractors installed the roof correctly.

A permit contributes to your roofing repair costs. Therefore, before a contractor starts working on your roof, ask if you require a permit and the cost to avoid surprises. Most times, the permit cost depends on the value or size of your roof. However, some local governments offer a flat rate.

Roof repair can be quite expensive. Therefore, you need to hire an experienced roofing contractor to help you repair the roof properly. If you want a reliable roof repair contractor, contact Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.

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