5 Tips to Choose Sustainable Roofing Materials for Your Home

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Roofer Installing New Roof Tiles  — St. Marengo, IL — Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.More people today have an interest in sustainable living than before. With advances in building technology, sustainable living has become a more practical and affordable concept. As a homeowner, you have multiple ways to upgrade your home and make it more sustainable. An upgrade to your roof is one such idea, though it’s often overlooked in green home improvements.

A sustainable roof is more durable, energy-efficient and safer and requires minimal maintenance. Sustainable roof systems use renewable materials such as wood shingles and shakes, slate, tile, and synthetic materials.

If you wish to upgrade your home’s roof to make it sustainable, the following are tips to help you find the right materials.

1. Review Sustainable Roofing Solutions

Start with a review of available sustainable roof materials. Compare their benefits, drawbacks, costs, energy efficiency, availability, and ease of installation. Some of the most popular green roof systems you’ll find on the market are:

  • Wood shingles and shakes
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Fiber cement
  • Recycled roofing materials
  • Tile
  • Slate
  • Synthetic materials made from plastic clay, rubber, or asphalt

Your review of these sustainable roof materials on the market should also include compliance with different building standards. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) provides a comprehensive list of codes and standards that all roof brands should meet.

Consult an established roofing contractor for your project for a better understanding of these roof materials. The roof expert gives you an assessment of these roofing materials and helps you make the best choice.

2. Consider the Weight of the Roofing Material

The weight of the roof material is a major consideration because it affects the functionality of the roof. A lightweight material is not only faster to install but also uses fewer resources to set up.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a sustainable roof, avoid bulky materials that compromise the integrity of your home. Such materials are also often expensive to repair or replace.

3. Determine the Lifespan and Maintenance

Many sustainable building materials have the unique advantage of minimal maintenance. For your sustainable roof, shop for materials that don’t need any special treatment. A low-maintenance roof material lowers the overall cost of home maintenance.

Low-maintenance roof materials conserve the environment by reducing extracting more resources for repairs and replacements. Before you pick any green roof materials, consider the lifespan of the roof too. The ideal sustainable roof material has a long life to reduce the cost of replacement and save on resources.

4. Check for Roof Coatings

You have a wide range of sustainable roof products to choose from, but they’re not all equal. One of the main distinguishing factors is the roof coating.

If your green roof has a coating, confirm this is not a harmful material such as zinc or copper. The coating might make your roof gleam when new, but these harmful materials eventually wash down into the earth.

Ask your roofer about the risks of such coatings to avoid harming the same environment you wish to preserve. If the manufacturer can’t explain the impact of these coatings on the environment, don’t risk using them on your home.

5. Compare Recyclable Material Content

The best sustainable roofing materials have a high recyclable content.  The recyclable content reduces waste that would otherwise go into landfills and helps protect the environment.

A sustainable roof makes all the difference for your home’s maintenance. You can cut on costs of maintenance, cut on energy wastage, provide a healthier roof, and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

If you want to upgrade your old roof and enjoy the immense benefits of a sustainable roof, contact us today. At Jerry Newman Roofing and Remodeling Inc, we’ve served homeowners in Northern Illinois for over 40 years. Our commitment is to deliver the best roofing experience for our clients.

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