Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Roofing

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Wood Roofing — St. Marengo, IL — Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.For many years, wood was the primary type of roofing used on homes. The material was accessible, affordable, and effective at a time when commercial products were not readily available. While the average homeowner these days has a lot of roofing choices, wooden roofing still serves as an attractive and preferable option for many.

Whether you plan to build a new home and need to consider roofing options or are looking for a suitable roof replacement, wood roofing may be worth your consideration. But first, take a look at a few common questions about wood roofing.

What Types of Wood Can Be Used to Roof a Home?

Cedar is the most popular type of wooden roofing, but you can find wooden roofing made out of other wood species as well. A few examples of commonly used woods include:

  • California redwood
  • Pine
  • Spruce

Each type of wood yields its own unique aesthetic appeal. For instance, cedar and redwood start out with warm red tones and gradually fade to a rich gray over time. Pine tends to offer a more yellow or natural wood tone initially, but also transitions to a light gray with age.

What Is the Difference Between Wood Shakes and Wood Shingles?

While sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably by mistake, wooden shakes and wooden shingles are actually two different types of roofing material. Wood shakes are created by splitting solid pieces of wood into thin slabs or sheets. The shakes are installed in an overlapping fashion on the roof. Traditionally, wooden shakes were created by chopping the wood by hand.

On the other hand, wooden shingles are created by sawing a piece of wood into an exact shape. Wooden shingles tend to be a bit thinner than shakes, and they can be installed in multiple ways depending on the shape of the shingle. Some shingles may have tapered ends to allow them to overlap like shakes, for example. In general, sawn shingles will deliver a more uniform appearance than shakes.

How Long Does a Wooden Roof Last?

A wooden roof is one of the more durable roofing options. You can expect wooden roofing materials like wood shingles to last as long as 30 years with the proper maintenance and installation. In fact, many types of wooden roofing materials come along with a 30-year warranty.

One of the only occasional issues homeowners can see with wooden shingles or shakes that, with age, some shingles or shakes can warp or split. Splitting or warpage is an issue you can see pretty plainly during an annual roof inspection. Fortunately, the individual pieces can be replaced without compromising the longevity of the roof.

Are Wood Roofing Materials a Fire Risk?

Although the idea may seem counterintuitive, modern wood roofing materials do have a nice degree of fire protection. Shingles and shakes come from the manufacturer pre-treated with agents to make the materials more resistant to burning. While wood roofing is by no means fireproof, the materials are not likely to catch fire easily.

For example, some cedar roofing is pressure treated with a fire retardant. During the treatment process, intense pressure pushes the fire retardant into the interior composition of the wood. The end result is cedar roofing shakes or shingles that have the fire-retardant agent consistently woven throughout.

Home roofing is a big decision to make. Having guidance as you choose a new roof can make all the difference in choosing what will serve you and your home the best over the years. If you are ready to have a new roof installed, including wood roofing, reach out to us at Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc to discuss your roofing needs.

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