Pros and Cons of Skylights

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Pros of Skylight Additions

Should you add a skylight to your home or business? This roof feature can add a great deal to any room, but it does have some downsides that owners should consider before making their decision. To help you choose the right overhead complement for your space, keep in mind these pros and cons of installing a skylight.

Pros of Skylight Additions

Skylights add a wonderful visual appeal to the property and even help solve some decor issues the space may have. Because skylights add natural lighting, a skylight opens up any space and makes it appear larger, taller, and airier.

Skylights also serve as excellent statement features in a room that lacks direction or focus. They naturally draw people to the space. And if you have a beautiful view outside, a large and open skylight could be a fun and surprising way to enhance it — boosting your own mood and enjoyment of your home. 

On a more practical note, a skylight could help save energy in several ways. First, the natural sunlight (and moonlight) streaming in means that you won’t have to turn on as many lights around the skylight. Businesses may benefit from this if they can use skylights as part of their overall lighting strategy. 

Along with lower electricity bills for lighting, the bright sun hitting a skylight often will also naturally warm up the room — an important consideration for cold Illinois winters.  And in the summer, added space in the room’s ceiling helps direct warm air upward and away from your family or guests. These positive effects are, of course, dependent on good quality materials. 

Cons of Skylight Additions

The biggest con for most property owners is the cost of installing the skylight itself. Because this structure will be exposed to the elements in the same way your roof is, you need high quality installation and materials. That could add significantly to the cost of a new or replaced roof. Fortunately, once properly installed, the skylight itself will need minimal care and maintenance over the years.

Many of the drawbacks associated with skylights exist when the installation was sub-par. A lack of energy-efficient double-pane windows, for instance, will mean that you get cold and warm air leaks that will likely make the room uncomfortable or waste energy and money. And incorrect installation may leave water and air leaks that could damage your home and the furnishings around the skylight. 

A skylight is also a permanent decor addition, so you should consider it carefully before placement. Be sure that the type of skylight you choose — such as a minimalist solar tube or an expansive window to the world — will fit with your interior design plans for many years and will be easy for future owners to work with (if you might choose to sell your property). 

Keep in mind that the additional light let into the room will also be permanent. Extra lighting in a dark bathroom might be a great permanent addition. But creating a flood of morning sunshine into a bedroom whose owners like to sleep late could be more annoying than helpful. And you’ll want to avoid placing certain organic furnishings or elements in the direct sunlight where they might fade. 

As you assess each of these pros and cons, the right answer to your skylight decision will likely present itself. Need more help choosing the best way to approach the addition of a skylight? Start by consulting with Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc today. Our team of dedicated roofing professionals can help you find the perfect complement to any property. Call today to make an appointment. 

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