The 3 Best House Siding Options You Shouldn’t Miss As a Homeowner

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In life, first impressions are everything, and they also apply to the look of your house. As people pass or drive across your home, the appearance of your house is crucial — especially for real estate dealings. However, even if you’re not in real estate, the exterior appearance of your home speaks a lot about how you value the beauty of your surroundings, and when it comes to beautifying the look of your home; siding is a great option.

Because there are many siding options in the market, these three are the best you shouldn’t miss.

1. Vinyl Siding

If you’re fascinated about a house siding option with many more benefits than others, vinyl will probably be your to-go choice. Unlike others, Vinyl is popular for its ability to cut heating and cooling energy bills, low maintenance requirements, and durability. Even if your home is an average-looking property, vinyl siding can significantly help transform it into a beautiful-looking house you’ve always desired.

 Vinyl siding is also an excellent option for complete weatherproof protection for your property. It’s even a more fantastic choice if your home is in an area prone to lots of storms causing precipitations and other home damaging elements. At the same time, you wouldn’t have problems choosing the best that fits your needs with Vinyl. 

Vinyl comes in many color options, making it easy for anyone to select what suits their home exterior based on their aesthetic demands. On top of that, Vinyl is fire resistant due to its polyvinyl chloride make-up features, so your siding won’t ignite even in the event of extremely hot seasons.

2. Metal Siding

Right after Vinyl, metal siding takes the second position for its low maintenance, fire resistance, longevity, and the ability to boost your curb appeal. With metal siding, it can last for years without requiring changes, thus keeping your home looking beautiful and inviting for as long as you’d like. 

Metal siding also comes in a broader range of profiles, styles, and colors like Vinyl. Therefore, you can still select what suits your home based on aesthetics, and for property protection against weather damages, metal siding can withstand strong winds, meaning with it, your home can withstand storms without hassles.

Metal is easy to maintain, considering with the help of a garden hose pipe, you can effortlessly clean dirt and debris with your DIY skills without spending a dime. This way, you’ll easily keep your siding looking fresh and new regardless of its age. Again, if you settle for a steel metal siding, you’ll benefit from its moisture protection and fire safety abilities. 

Its moisture resistance prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which can reduce your home aesthetics by affecting your patios and decks by encouraging pest infestation and it’s non-combustible, meaning regardless of the amount of fire your home catches, it will hardly burn to the ground.

3. Wood Siding

If you’re an environmentalist, you’ll agree wood siding is the most environmentally friendly choice in the market. With wood siding, there is no emission of pollutants or anything that risks the health and safety of your surroundings. 

Wood siding is also highly durable and an incredible option for cottage exteriors — especially for its rich look that helps transform any property into an attractive-looking space. However, wood is easily susceptible to rodents and insects attack. So, if you decide to settle for it, regularly inspect it for pests. 

We understand finding the right siding can be overwhelming, so an expert will make it easy for you. Our Jerry Newman siding technicians will get you sorted. Contact us today for guidelines in choosing the best siding and anything else your home needs to keep it beautiful and up to the new home trends.

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