The Care and Keeping of Skylights

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Whether your home came with a skylight or you want to install one, the beauty of natural light and a window into the sky make it a marvelous addition to your house. If you have one or plan to get one, though, you’ll need to take care of it to keep it pristine and pretty. Use these tips to keep your skylight looking its best, so you can enjoy the light it brings all year.

Installation Precautions

The type of material that makes up your roof can affect your skylight, so you’ll have to keep an eye on it from the beginning. If the material tends to split or break, allowing ice or water to enter, you should repair it as soon as possible before it gets too close to your skylight. Your builders should be aware of the possibility of moisture and the danger it poses, though, so don’t worry too much about keeping them in line.

Ventilation is the other concern that could cause problems with your skylight. Too much heat or cold, and the surrounding roof and walls will start to wear down. To avoid this, have the roofers who install your skylight ensure that the shaft has enough ventilation and doesn’t collect air with extreme temperatures.

Frame Care

Most skylight frames use aluminum, which doesn’t require much care. If you paint it to match the roof or protect it from the elements, like saltwater from ocean spray, you should check it every year and update the paint. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for deterioration under that finishing coat. Unless the environment is particularly harsh on aluminum, the frame will likely only require washing when you clean the panes.

Pane Cleaning

Your skylight might have a plastic pane if it’s an older model or double-paned glass if it’s newer. Either way, you don’t want to use anything too harsh on the window since they’re easy to scratch. If you do it correctly, though, you shouldn’t need to repair your skylight until you have to fix or replace the rest of the roof.

First, mix up a non-abrasive solution to use on the panes. Some suggest diluted ammonia and rubbing alcohol, while others use mild soap or detergent combined with water. Either way, you’ll need a lot of the mixture to cover the skylight, especially if you have more than one.

Pick the right time and day to clean your skylight. You don’t want the sun too strong, or you could create streaks that would be tricky to get off. If you have multiple, start with the highest one and work your way down, cleaning each one carefully.

To clean, soak the entire pane with your mixture and let it loosen any particles on the glass. Let it run off and wet the window again with clean water. Use a soft squeegee, paper towels, or cloth to clean each window, and keep them clean between swipes. Never use something harsh or abrasive on the glass.

Plastic Protection

If your panes are plastic, you may want to take additional steps to preserve their integrity. Clean in the same way you’d clean glass, being mindful of solutions that could damage the material. You can also add a layer of protection to your plastic skylight with car polish or wax. Use a clean, soft cloth to apply it and follow up with a clean, damp cloth to eliminate static electricity.

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