Roofing Facts That Might Surprise You

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Woman Thinking — St. Marengo, IL — Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc.There’s more to roofing than meets the eye. From its history to the different types of materials used, there are plenty of fascinating facts about roofs that might surprise you. If you’re curious about roofs, read on for some fascinating facts.

Roofs Have Many Components

Roofs have rafters, sheathing, flashing, underlayment, shingles, ridges, and valleys. Each component plays a vital role in keeping your roof in good condition.

For example, the rafters are the wooden beams that support the roof’s weight. The sheathing is the layer of material attached to the rafters, usually made of plywood. The flashing is a waterproof material used to seal any gaps or joints in the roof. The underlayment is a layer of water-resistant material installed underneath the shingles. Finally, the shingles are the visible outer layer of the roof.

Your Location Dictates the Most Suitable Roof

Different types of roofs are suitable for different climates and regions. For instance, gable roofs, characterized by two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, work best in cold climates. 

That’s because they’re steep enough to shed water and snow easily. Hipped roofs have four sloping sides that come to a point at the top. These roofs work well in windy areas. Since flat roofs pool water, they’re more suitable for drier climates.

Flat Roofs Are Not Precisely Flat

Even though it has the word “flat” in its name, a flat roof is not exactly flat. Most flat roofs have a slight incline of about 1/4 inch per square foot. This incline is necessary to help drain water and snowmelt off the roof. Without this incline, water would pool on the roof and eventually seep into the building.

Roofs Need to Breathe

Your roof needs a system of intake and exhaust vents. These vents are usually placed along the roof’s edges, allowing air to flow in and out as needed. In addition, many homeowners choose to install solar-powered fans to help maximize the efficiency of their vents. 

Not only do these vents and fans keep your energy costs down, but they also help to prevent condensation from building up in your attic. Condensation can damage walls, wood, and insulation over time.

Pressure Washing a Roof Is Not Recommended

If you pressure wash your roof, the high-powered water can remove protective coatings, damage shingles, and leave the roof vulnerable to leaks. In addition, pressure washing can also wash away loose grit and gravel, leaving the roofing material exposed and susceptible to damage.

Instead, hire professional roofing cleaning companies that specialize in the trade. They have the equipment and techniques to safely clean off dirt, debris, lichens, moss, algae, and buildup. They’ll also clean the gutters and ensure smooth water flow. 

A Defective Roof Can Break a Home Sale

A broken or leaky roof is often a dealbreaker for potential homebuyers. No one wants to inherit someone else’s repair bill, so if your roof is in bad shape, it could scuttle a sale. So, if you’re considering selling your home, ensure your roof is in good condition. Otherwise, you might end up having to make some expensive repairs. Worse, you may lose the sale entirely.

DIY Roofing Is Not Recommended

Roofing is a complex trade that requires years of experience and training. There are many different roofing materials and systems, each with unique installation or repair requirements. Not only do you need the proper tools and equipment, but you also need to know how to use them safely. 

In addition, roofing materials can be hefty and unwieldy, making it easy to unintentionally damage your home during the process. You might be able to muddle through it, but the chances of making a mistake are extremely high. Even a small mistake can lead to serious problems with your walls, attic, and possibly your electrical system.

We hope you enjoy these fun facts about roofs. If you have any questions about your roof or are experiencing problems with it, be sure to contact Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling Inc. We’re always happy to help.

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